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Gamers do good

As I sit and reflect on another Extra Life Game Day gone by, I am blown away by the passion and energy exhibited by the gaming community once again. Alaska gamers have been dedicated to the cause for many years now and they aren’t slowing down!

On National Game Day Alaska Filmmakers hosted Xtrafest, an Extra Life event at the Sullivan Arena, where more than 100 gamers joined in on the fun and fundraising. The event was incredible and I’m so grateful for all the amazing volunteers who dedicated long hours to helping children in need, and the gamers who showed up and lent their support to a great cause. GCI generously sponsored the event by supplying internet to keep everyone’s connection smooth for 24+ hours of gaming and a cash donation to benefit The Children’s Hospital at Providence through Extra Life. Thank you to GCI and everyone who made the event a huge success! You can see more of this amazing event by watching this video.

Alaska’s Children’s Miracle Network Champion Marc and his family stopped by Xtrafest to game and thank everyone for their contributions to The Children’s Hospital at Providence. Marc has spent weeks and weeks in our hospital and he has experienced first-hand how Extra Life helps local kids. During his many hospitalizations Marc loved to visit the pediatric playroom to play video games. The draw of Minecraft was enough to get him out of bed even on days when it was really hard to do so. The playroom Marc loved to visit and game in was built and stocked with Children’s Miracle Network donations, and fundraising for Extra Life ensures that children in our hospital continue to have amenities like these that allow them to have fun and forget that they are in the hospital.

Many thanks to Alaska’s gaming community, Alaska Filmmakers, and GCI for making miracles happen for our kids!